A little hvac in the morning 

Decided to run a new branch off the woodstove heat duct and warm the back half of the house up via our bedroom. 

After gathering the needed parts and pieces, it was time to go to town. In my usual fashion, I grabbed rough dimensional measurements and started winging it. I enjoy the challenge of constructing on the fly – when saftey allows!

  • 5 * 5′ x 6″ metal ductwork 
  • 6″ 90° metal elbow 
  • 6″ peel off Y connector 
  • 10″ x 4″ floor register boot and grate
  • 4′ x 6″ insulated flexible ductwork 

After hanging a length of duct and getting the path of the run, piecing each section together and suspended into place was a smooth fast-paced task.  Next, I cut a 7″ x 7″ hole through the wall to run the last duct length. 

And due to my last preparation, as soon as it breached the wall it was dead even in height with the septic drain pipe. My solution was simple, flexible ductwork. I measured a length of the flex duct out to the needed 4 feet and attached it to the outlet of the duct and the other to the register boot. 

And done. Easy peasy solution to sleep warmer at night! 

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